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Origin of NBOX

Mine Your Business

Bridging Reality and Metaverse with Chained Engine

With the opening of the NBOX magic box, the real dimension will jump to the wild time of the Metaverse, showing her infinite possibilities. No supreme ruler here, the public with freedom are able to explore the borderland of Metaverse without limit. With the help of Ngage-Fi engine, the real commercial form is transformed across the boundary, thus establishing the first-generation city-states of the new civilization in Metaverse.


NBOX provides blockchain players, game devs, Internet operators, community leaders, Kols, etc., with open, fair and just chained basic services, especially the economic model that can provide sustainable development and react to the market volatility, which provides a solid foundation for an open, diverse, strong expansibility, and with infinite imagination "chained city-state"

Chain to All Services

As a chained engine, Ngage-Fi aims to help Internet users and businesses outside Metaverse to be chained. For users, through unconscious guidance and teaching to achieve cross-borders, participation can also earn at the same time(Engage to Earn); while for business, empower and enhance it and make it blockchained that can reach diverse groups of users.

Game Matrix

More games will be provided for NBOX players, endowing boring financial forms with bright colors, creating a perfect balance between entertainment experience and wealth management, and creating a diversified Metaverse ecosystem.
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