Super Hero
As the first game on the NBOX platform, "Super Hero" integrates competition, adventure, guild, cultivation, automatic mining and other gameplay. N-Guard can fight automatically and generate revenue. The higher the level, the more production. Aqua element and platform N-Guard cultivation related props, etc. The player's combat effectiveness(CE), weapon quantity, weapon quality, and the player's daily strategy will affect the game's revenue.

Weapon System

All the gameplay requires the use of weapons, and you can gain benefits by reinforcing and deploying different weapons for dungeon adventures

Obtain Weapon

You can get random initial weapons through the card draw function. The quality is divided into four qualities: C, B, A and S. The higher the quality, the better the attributes and growth of the weapon.

Weapon Attributes

Weapons are divided into three parts: basic attack, active skill and talent skill
Basic Attack:
  • The basic combat attribute of the weapon, which affects the damage of active skills
Active Skill:
  • The core damage skills of weapons, each image will have active skills with exclusive animations
  • As the weapon grows, a random buff will be added to the active skill. The buff can be triggered at the same time when the weapon releases the skill. The buff type is randomly generated, and the effect of the buff combination of each weapon is different (opening soon)
Talent Skill(Opening soon):
Each weapon randomly generates 1~2 different types of talent skills, and the talent skills can be triggered and used as long as the weapon is in battle.

Weapon Cultivation

Reinforcing weapons can improve the overall CE of weapons, and the improvement of CE can enter higher dungeons to idle, and you can also get more benefits by idling
Weapon Reinforcement
  • Reinforcing a weapon increases the weapon's CE and attack, and it is the fastest way to increase the weapon's CE.
  • To reinforce your weapon, you need to consume EXP and gold coin, EXP is obtained by idling in the dungeon adventure, the higher the difficulty of the dungeon, the more EXP you can get; gold cion can be obtained in the Secret World and Dungeon Adventure.
Weapon Advancement
  • When the weapon reaches a certain level, you need to rise to star to unlock the weapon's level cap
  • Weapon rising star requires weapons with a certain amount of CE, only C- and B-level weapons can be swallowed


The game is designed with a lot of unique and interesting gameplay, different gameplay can be adapted to different users, according to the characteristics of the gameplay to get different rewards, the more difficult the gameplay and operation, the more generous the rewards, there are more gameplay in the future is being prepared.
Secret World
Secret World is a free idle game, the system will automatically select the current weapon with the highest CE for idling combat, and reward gold coins and Aqua elements according to the online time
Dungeon Adventures
Players can spend a certain amount of NBOX on the corresponding CE weapons for battle, and can get gold coins, Aqua elements, EXP and Force upgrade vouchers during the battle, the higher the weapon CE, the greater the difficulty of the dungeon can enter, the more generous the reward.
Arena(Opening soon)
Players can play against each other, and get additional rewards and a lot of Aqua element rewards according to the ranking
CE Ranking:Everyday the ranking will be updated according to the sum of player character CE plus the five highest CE weapons,the player with the highest ranking will get additional Aqua element rewards
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